Transmission Repair Misconceptions

If your car is making a funny noise, read through my blog. You might find that I have already experienced that sound and provided you a solution to the problem.

Transmission Repair Misconceptions

18 September 2018
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Transmission Problems can create severe issues for the performance and safety of your car. Misinformation about transmission problems and repairs can lead to costly and potentially unsafe mistakes on your part.

Myth: Transmission Replacements Will Permanently Impact The Car's Performance

Needing to replace the vehicle's transmission will be a major repair, and car owners will often assume that their vehicles will suffer permanent performance problems as a result. However, you should notice no negative performance issues from a replacement transmission that was correctly installed and calibrated to the engine. In fact, you will be more likely to notice a performance improvement as the new transmission will likely be able to operate more efficiently.

Myth: Slipping Only Occurs When The Car Is First Accelerating

Slipping is the most commonly encountered issue that a malfunctioning transmission can experience. When slipping occurs, you may find that vehicle stutters when accelerating. While, this can occur any time that the vehicle's speed changes, it is often the most noticeable when the vehicle is first accelerating, which can help to explain why some individuals may make this assumption. Unfortunately, slipping can be an unsafe problem to experience as it can prevent you from being able to rapidly accelerate to get out of danger.

Myth: It Will Be Impossible To Get Warranty Protection For The New Transmission

Transmission repair can be expensive, but there are repair services that will offer comprehensive warranty protection for any transmission repairs or replacements that they do. While it is likely that you will need to take the transmission back to the same repair service, this will mitigate the costs of correcting problems with the newly repaired or replaced transmission. When choosing a repair provider, it can be important to check whether warranty protection is included with the base costs of the repairs or if it is considered optional.

Myth: Replacing The Transmission Will Be A Quick Procedure

Unfortunately, there are many people that might assume replacing a transmission will be something that can be done quickly. Often, this assumption is due to individuals believing that it will be fairly easy to remove the previous transmission and just connect the new one. However, the transmission is one of the most complicated components of the car, and ti will also be extremely heavy. As a result, most individuals will find that it will likely take at least a couple of days before the mechanic is finished with replacing the transmission.

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