Recharge Or Repair Your Car's AC To Stay Cool During The Summer

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Recharge Or Repair Your Car's AC To Stay Cool During The Summer

22 July 2015
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It can be hard to keep cool during the summer, especially if your car's AC system isn't working correctly. Air conditioning problems are sometimes sudden, but they often come on gradually, indicating larger problems. Here, you will learn the causes of AC failure, and you will get pricing information on automotive air conditioning repair.

Recharging the AC

Many times, insufficient cooling is caused by refrigerant leaks within the AC system. Like the system in your home, the air conditioner in your car depends on the proper circulation of coolant gases within the system. If there's a leak, you might notice that the inside of your car isn't as cool as it could be—and many problems aren't solvable with a quick refrigerant top-off.

When your car's AC is low on refrigerant, it needs to be recharged; during the process, refrigerant is added until the system's pressure rises to the correct level as measured by a gauge. When you bring your car in for an AC recharge, your mechanic can also use suction to take all the refrigerant from your system. Refrigerant removal creates a vacuum, and the length of time the vacuum holds will tell the technician about the leak's size. If there's a minor leak, the technician will filter the refrigerant, re-add it to the system and add more if necessary. Depending on your location, an AC recharge will cost between $115 and $260, according to

Can You Do Your Own AC Repairs?

Recently, DIY recharge kits have become popular, but buyers should beware of the potential risks of doing the procedure at home. Although retail kits have gauges to measure your system's coolant level, these gauges aren't as accurate as the ones used by the pros. If you put too much refrigerant into the system, it won't cool; if there's too little, you'll see similar effects. There's much to be said for taking your car for professional AC service: the technicians at your local shop know how much refrigerant to add in order to keep your system in balance.

The True Cost of AC Repair

The cost of replacing a compressor or condenser can vary widely, with prices starting at about $150 and going up to roughly $800. If you need extensive repairs, they can cost from $1000-$4000 or even more, depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the parts to be replaced. If your car was built before 1995, your auto AC repair shop will need to convert your system to enable it to use a more environmentally-friendly refrigerant.

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