Are You Thinking About Buying A Baja Beetle?

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Are You Thinking About Buying A Baja Beetle?

23 July 2015
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Of the many cars on the road, one that attracts a lot of attention is the Baja Beetle, a 'beat-up' version of the Volkswagen Beetle sedan. A 'beat-up' Baja Beetle is a Volkswagen Beetle sedan transformed into four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle. If you are ready for a driving experience unlike any other, check out these facts about the Baja Beetle for helping you make the best choice. 

Even Though Rough And 'Beat-Up' Looks Toughest...

Most people are not looking for a rough looking vehicle when they are car shopping. However, if you are shopping for a Baja, you may be looking for chopped off fenders and missing bonnets as a sign of the best choice. Many Baja Beetles have been severely modified, a factor you might want to think about before purchasing. While modifications like chopped fenders are acceptable, you certainly do not want issues like fender-well rubbing from tires that are too big. When inspecting the body, always remember to look rust that is visible and that has been covered up with paint. Baja Beetles are notorious for rust, so ensuring yours does not have too many troubling issues is important. 

Being Prepared For The Cold

Owning a Baja Beetle can be challenging if you have never owned one. Volkswagen used an air-cooled heating system in the Beetles that did not work well. Most people that drove Beetles complained they were cold, the interior of the car never warming up. However, you can have the heating system modified so you will never have to deal with ice crystals forming on the inside of your windshield.

Remember To Consider The Age Of Your Baja Beetle

Before you buy the Baja Beetle you have your eye on, making sure you can get replacement parts for it first is vital to keep it running smoothly after you take it home. Most Baja Beetles were made during the late 60s and early 70s, so locating parts may be tough. If you are unsure about what a mechanically sound Baja engine looks and sounds like, you might consider taking along someone with that does know and has a reputable mechanical background (such as someone from Euroclassics Limited). Doing so could help you avoid buying a car that is not worth your money.

Taking your Baja beetle on the trail can be one of the most enjoyable driving experience ever. Knowing your Baja is ready to get dirty is a great and liberating feeling. If you have a Baja in mind or you are still looking, becoming more informed about them is the best way to get the one you can enjoy for a long time.

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