Fixing The Crack In Your RV Shower Pan

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Fixing The Crack In Your RV Shower Pan

25 July 2015
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While it is great to spend time outdoors, one of the biggest factors that tend to cause outdoor enthusiasts to spend less time outdoors is the lack of quick access to showers and toilets. That is, unless you are using an RV that comes with these features already. Unfortunately, the shower pan that separates the shower water from the RV floor can become cracked and will begin to leak, potentially causing damage.

How the Shower Pan Works

The RV shower pan is the floor of your shower. The shower pan eventually begins to crack and you will then need to have the pan replaced quickly so the water from the shower does not cause damage to your RV. Do not use the shower until you perform the repair.

Repairing a Fiberglass Shower Pan Crack

If you have a fiberglass shower pan, the pan is usually fixable by using an epoxy resin to fill in the crack. Use a utility knife to cut out a v-shaped section of the shower pan. Then, use a towel to wipe away the residue that was created by cutting away the v-shaped section. After you have mixed the resin solution, apply it to the crack to completely fill it. Apply the resin quickly because some resins dry very quickly. Then, sand the resin down.

Fixing Much Larger Cracks

If the crack is very large, you may need to remove the pan and flip it over so you can apply a resin to the bottom to make sure it is completely filled. After the epoxy has been applied, add an epoxy hardener and allow the epoxy to dry. The drying process can be accelerated by using a hair dryer if the particular resin is taking longer than expected.

Redoing an Epoxy Repair

When applying the epoxy, sometimes it does not set right. Even if the epoxy covers the crack, it will look terrible. One solution is to purchase an insert pan that can then be glued to the pan over the crack and epoxy repair. Then, apply caulk around the top edges. Another option is to sand the epoxy down until the crack is exposed and try applying the epoxy again.

Returning a Plastic Shower Pan

Plastic shower pans cannot be fixed with an epoxy resin, so you will instead need to have the pan removed and take it to the RV manufacturer so that the plastic pan can be welded and repaired. 

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