About The Possible Cause Of A Car Shuddering

If your car is making a funny noise, read through my blog. You might find that I have already experienced that sound and provided you a solution to the problem.

About The Possible Cause Of A Car Shuddering

10 October 2016
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Have you noticed that your car occasionally shudders when you are out driving around? The shudders are a sign that there might be a problem with the transmission. However, it does not mean that the transmission should be repaired, as something related to the part can be the root cause of the problem. In this article, you will find out about a few of the car parts that can lead to shuddering when they are not in a good condition.

Cracks in Transmission Fluid Lines

An important aspect of the functionality of a car is the transmission fluid lines. The lines must not have any cracks in them because it can lead to the fluid leaking out. The shuddering from your car might possibly mean that that an insufficient amount of transmission fluid is making it into the torque converter. You must keep in mind that the transmission fluid is needed for the engine to work properly. If there are cracks in the transmission fluid lines, a mechanic may be able to patch them up, but replacing them will likely be necessary.

A Damaged Torque Converter Cylinder

When transmission fluid isn't the problem with a car shuddering, it can stem from a bad torque converter. Basically, transmission fluid flows into the torque converter into the hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder of the torque converter might not be in a good condition, such as having a hole or crack in it. The shuddering can stem from the cylinder not sending transmission fluid to the engine to power it up. A mechanic can inspect the torque converter cylinder to diagnose the problem, as you might need to get the torque converter replaced altogether.

The Engine Isn't Powerful Enough

The transmission relies on the engine for receiving the power that it requires to function. It is possible that the engine is struggling to give the transmission power, so it is causing your car to shudder. You might need to take your car to a mechanic to get the oil levels checked, as it can be low or even contaminated. If you always have to wait a while before your engine cranks up so you can drive, it is a sign that the engine is possibly old and damaged.

A mechanic can attach diagnostics equipment to the powertrain in your car to find out what the specific problem is before you spend any money on repairs. For more information, contact local professionals like Felix Auto Repair & Towing.

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