Windshield Damage? 3 Safety Considerations Every Driver Should Know

If your car is making a funny noise, read through my blog. You might find that I have already experienced that sound and provided you a solution to the problem.

Windshield Damage? 3 Safety Considerations Every Driver Should Know

3 November 2018
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Experienced drivers are usually very careful about most aspects of driving their cars because they understand that driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle is the best way to keep their family protected out on the highway. If their brakes feel a bit squishy or the motor develops an unusual sound, they are quick to schedule a checkup for their car with their favorite auto service shop.

Unfortunately, however, these same drivers often postpone making repairs that they feel are cosmetic, such as a chipped or cracked windshield. If you are guilty of putting off a needed auto glass repair, the following information will help you understand the reason why glass repair issues are just as important as mechanical ones. 

Visibility issues

The first reason to get windshield cracks and chips repaired as soon as they are noted is because they are known to impair the driver's vision. Drivers often have only a split second to react to an obstruction or danger they see through the windshield of their vehicle. If a crack or rock chip distorts their ability to recognize potential dangers, they not have time to react, making them more likely to be involved in a collision or traffic accident. 

Structural integrity issues

When fuel economy issues first caused the auto industry to downsize vehicle designs and use lighter weight metals in automobile construction, the windshields were also affected. In fact, modern car designs incorporate the windshield, back window, and other auto glass components into the actual body of the car, using the specially formed glass to add to the structural integrity of the vehicle. Because of this, a modern vehicle equipped with undamaged glass components is better able to: 

  • resist crush damage during an impact crash
  • help keep occupants of the vehicle inside the passenger compartment where they will be safer should the vehicle overturn
  • shield the passengers from debris during a traffic accident 

Auto glass that has a rock chip or crack is weakened and subject to breaking, making it less able to perform these protective duties. 

Air Bag Assistance

Many drivers also do not realize that the air bag system installed in their vehicle may not perform correctly unless it is able to deflect off of the solid surface of an intact, undamaged windshield. If the glass is damaged, the sudden force of the air bag deployment can cause it to blow outwards. When this occurs, the air bag may not be able to bounce back and cushion the impact of the driver properly, resulting in greater risk of injuries and fatalities during a traffic crash.

For more information about the potential safety risks of driving a car with windshield damage, or to schedule an appointment for glass repair or replacement, contact a reputable auto glass repair service in your area. 

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