Myths About Your Vehicle's Transmission And The Problems It May Experience

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Myths About Your Vehicle's Transmission And The Problems It May Experience

18 February 2019
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An automatic transmission can make driving a vehicle a much simpler and easier task. Yet, this vital component of the vehicle is frequently one of the least understood components. This couple with myths about vehicle transmissions being common can make it harder for vehicle owners to effectively maintain their vehicle.

Myth: Transmission Fluid Should Be Changed As Often As Your Oil

It is vital for the transmission fluid to be in good condition or it will fail to provide the type of adequate protection from friction and other stresses. Unfortunately, individuals are often extremely uninformed when it comes to the frequency that this fluid will need to be changed. More specifically, individuals may assume that they should have the transmission fluid changed on the same schedule as their oil. However, transmission fluid will need to be changed far less frequently. In fact, it can be common for this fluid to last for a couple of years before it needs to be replaced.

Myth: Repairing Transmission Problems Always Requires A Complete Rebuild Of It

Repairing the mechanical or structural damage that your transmission has suffered will often require a complete rebuild if the issue is severe enough. However, minor repairs can usually be completed without the need for this type of extensive work. This will require the damages to be identified and corrected fairly soon after developing. In order to give yourself the opportunity to limit the damage the transmission suffers, you should regularly monitor its performance and have it serviced according to its recommended schedule. This will allow for minor issues and performance problems to be quickly corrected so that they do not cause significant damage.

Myth: Transmissions Are Purely Mechanical Devices

As with many other components of modern automobiles, transmissions have increasingly started to incorporate computer chips and other digital control systems to improve performance. This can alter the needs of the transmission in a number of subtle ways. For example, some vehicles may be designed in such a way that the computer chips in the transmission will need to be reset whenever the battery is changed.

Myth: Issues With Your Vehicle's Transmission Will Always Be Highly Noticeable

Serious problems with transmission will be extremely noticeable, but there are many other problems that may not be as apparent to the driver until extensive damage has occurred. Leaks and slipping gears are extremely common examples of these types of problems. Once a problem with your transmission becomes noticeable, it is often safe to assume that it has been developing for some time, and repairs should be scheduled as quickly as possible.

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