4 Transmission Trouble Signs Every Driver Should Know

If your car is making a funny noise, read through my blog. You might find that I have already experienced that sound and provided you a solution to the problem.

4 Transmission Trouble Signs Every Driver Should Know

9 May 2019
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As a driver, you want to make sure you know all the signs that your vehicle is in distress. One of the systems you need to know the signs of distress for is your transmission system. Your transmission helps keep everything under your hood running smoothly, so you need to know how to keep things humming along and when to be concerned.

#1 Unpleasant Burning Smell

Your car should not smell like food has fallen on the bottom of your oven and is burning. If your car is giving off an unpleasant burning smell, it may be related to your transmission. This smell happens when your clutch is burning and you either need a new clutch or your clutch needs to be adjusted.

It is important to note that this is not the only reason that your car may be emitting a burning smell. If your engine has an oil leak and the oil is leaking out onto the hot engine itself, that can also create a burning smell. However, most of the time when one smells a burning smell coming from a car, it is related to the clutch and transmission

#2 Horrible Grinding Sound

Even if you are not driving a stick shift, your car still has to switch gears internally. An automatic transmission just means that your vehicle takes care of switching gears for you. When you hear a grinding sound when speeding up or slowing down, that is because your vehicle's clutch is having trouble. It may also produce a sound like a high wine as well. This is a pretty serious issue; if you hear that sound, get it checked out right away.

#3 Fluid Leaking from Your Transmission

Always keep an eye out for leaks from under your vehicle. When fluid leaks from your transmission, it is really easy to identify. The color is kind of a reddish or brown color. It is also a little translucent as well.

You may have a hard time telling the color of the fluid when it is resting on your driveway. If you notice a leak, take a large piece of cardboard and put it under your vehicle overnight. In the morning, check the cardboard and look at the fluid. You should be able to more easily identify the fluid that is leaking out of your vehicle.

Transmission leaks are a relatively common issue. They can sometimes be treated by adding stop-gap fluid to your transmission. In other cases, a gasket may need to be replaced. If the leak is really serious, more work may need to be done. Until you get the leak fixed, keep a close eye on your transmission fluid levels, adding fluid when necessary.

#4 Slow Response When You Are Shifting

When you are shifting, or when your vehicle is shifting for you, such as when you are speeding up or slowing down, your vehicle should respond right away to your actions. If your vehicle is speeding up slowly, there may an issue with your transmission.

When your vehicle exhibits any of the troubling signs above, it is time to have a professional take a look at your transmission system. Take your car to an auto repair shop in your area today.

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