Levels Of Car Transmission Repairs

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Levels Of Car Transmission Repairs

10 December 2019
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Car transmission systems have a reputation of being some of the most complicated and expensive parts of the car to repair. This may be true, but not for all transmission issues. The difficulty of transmission problems and repairs varies. Here is an overview of some of the common categories of transmission repairs.


There are cases where a transmission system might misbehave just because some of its parts are not properly adjusted. For example, the transmission bands that wrap around and connect the housing to the gear train may require adjustment for proper shifting. Another part that might require adjustment is the transmission linkage, the part of the transmission that is literally responsible for shifting gears into specific positions (such as neutral or drive). In some cases, you may also need to reset the car's computer (for the automatic transmission) if it seems to be sending incorrect signals to the transmission system.

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs typically involve fixing issues that don't require a complete dismantling of the transmission system. These are parts that the mechanic can easily access and replace if there is a need. For example, a typical transmission system has axle seals, O-rings, and gaskets that are meant to prove a fluid-tight connection for the system and prevent fluid leaks. Such parts can wear out and trigger low fluid pressure, but they are relatively easy to fix and are therefore part of the minor repairs.

Replacement of Parts

Damage to various parts of the transmission system does not always call for a complete replacement of the transmission system. In most cars, there are parts that can and need to be replaced if they wear out or get damaged. For example, you may fix a slipping transmission by replacing the clutch plates. Note, however, that you will only get the warranty or the specific part replaced if you don't replace the entire transmission system.

Complete Overhauls or Replacement

Lastly, there are extreme cases where the only thing that can help is a replacement or complete overhaul of the existing transmission. For example, if most parts of the transmission have failed, the mechanic may have to remove it, clean it, repair and fix the damaged parts, and then reinstall the transmission. At times, it may also be necessary to use a rebuilt transmission or a new one to replace the failed one. A complete overhaul or replacement might be necessary if you have ignored problems with the transmission system for a long time.

Visit an auto repair shop near you if you think your transmission needs repairs.

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