If your car is making a funny noise, read through my blog. You might find that I have already experienced that sound and provided you a solution to the problem.

4 Things You Will Want To Know Before Having A Ceramic Coating Applied To Your Car

15 August 2018
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If you want to have a durable clear coating for your car, ceramic coatings are a great choice of materials. There are many different options for clear coating materials, but none of them offer the same durability and protection that you get with ceramic coatings. Before you have a ceramic coating applied to your car, there are some things that you will want to know, such as how much it will cost, about care, and repairs. Read More …

Tips To Make Your Car Safe This Winter

5 June 2018
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Winter is a treacherous time for drivers. The conditions make it ideal for any number of things to go wrong with your car, causing you to crash or be unable to use your car when you need it. This is why car owners are always advised to take the necessary measures to help their cars operate better during winter. There are a number of things that you can do to help keep your car safe this winter. Read More …

3 Different Options To Restore Rust Damage With Auto Body Repairs

6 April 2018
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If you are restoring a classic car, there is likely going to be some rust that needs to be repaired. The rust may only cause surface damage, but with older cars, it is likely going to be worse. You will need to choose from different choices of auto body repair solutions for this rust damage, such as patching in sheet metal, using a body filler or completely replacing severely damaged sections of the bodywork. Read More …

Three Signs Of Suspension Issues

26 February 2018
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Your car's suspension works to keep your vehicle's ride smooth while driving over uneven surfaces, while also reducing the amount of wear that the axles and tires experience at the same time. Damage to the suspension can have a number of wide-ranging effects on your vehicle, including reducing your comfortability while driving and the overall amount of control that you have over your car, increasing the risk of a collision as a result. Read More …

3 Common Causes For A Stuck Shifter In A Car With An Automatic Transmission

1 December 2017
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While the transmission is on the outside of the car, as the driver, you have control over some of its functions with the gear shifter inside of the vehicle. The gear shifter allows you to shift your automatic transmission into varying gears manually but also allows you to put the transmission in park and reverse as needed. When this shifter gets stuck, it can really put you in a bind. If you have tried to put your car in reverse, park, or neutral and it simply will not budge from its current position, there are a few likely causes of the problem at hand. Read More …

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